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ShadowRocket iOS 15 IPA 2022 – Download ShadowRocket IPA for iPhone, iPad for FREE

Download ShadowRocket iOS 15 IPA for proxy utility client tool for iPhone, iPad that allows users to capture all the HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic.

Want to download ShadowRocket iOS 15 IPA 2022 latest version for iPhone, iPad then follow this guide, and here, in this guide, we will share the in-depth informative guide to install it for free and start using it. 

ShadowRocket iOS 15 IPA

ShadowRocket iOS

ShadowRocket IPA is a proxy utility client tool for iPhone or iPad, that allows users to capture all the HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any app on iOS devices, and it will redirect to the proxy service. It is also so useful for recording and showing the HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from the iOS devices, you are using. 

ShadowRocket iOS IPA Features

ShadowRocket iOS 15 IPA – App Details:

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What’s New in Shadow Rocket iOS 2022 Version:

How to Use ShadowRocket iOS IPA on iPhone, iPad?

First, Display QR code: Log in and open the client area, and go to Services > Manage. Now, Click on the ShadowRockets Display QR code and the QR code will be shown on the screen. 

Load Your Servers: Open shadow rocket, and click on the shooting mark on the top left, and if you are using a PC, scan the displayed QR code. If you are working via iPhone or iPad, then tap on the Shooting option, then click on the album mark on the top right corner, and choose QR code screenshot for server information load automatically once the QR code is entered correctly. 

Switching Modes: Click on Global Routing to select a switching mode such as:

Connect to UCSS Server: Simply click on the connection button on the top right corner, and you will be asked for permission to install the config file and it will allow it to the server that can be switched while connected. 

Update Subscription URL: Here, you need to swipe right on the server group name displayed via Home and click on Update to complete the update. 

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So now you know everything about ShadowRocket iOS 15 IPA file for iPhone, iPad with the latest version released in 2022 and if you still have any queries or feedback then drop your queries in the comment section below and we will get back to you asap.